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Vorentoe means 'forward' in Afrikaans, and it is that exact meaning which drives us, Vorentoe to continuously help organizations move forward with Agile delivery and approaches that support continuous market demands. We partner with our clients to accomplish their strategic goals, to provide best practices and advisory services on industry standards with Agile. We also support clients with career development and mentorship to market the best people to lead Agile teams. We believe in a lean agile approach that can scale transformation across organizations.  If you are seeking advisory, coaching or training in this new age of Agile, look no further. How can we help you?

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Our Clients and Partners

Our clients and partners represent our passion for agility and transformation. We focus on opportunities that can enable growth and empower organizational change and structure.  Our work with non-profit, private and charitable organizations has been at the cornerstone of our growth. We continue to support the disadvantage and seek clients and partners with similar goals. 


About Our Business

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