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Blog: This side up

An unbiased perspective on life, love, parenthood and just being human. Turned this side up, everything is clearer on the other side. 

About this blog:

Hi my name is Shannon Gueringer and I created this blog space as a place for not just me, but for any and everyone who has a voice to utilize this platform to speak their truth. 

As for me, there is no telling what I may write about. I spend my days as a tech leader, coaching and transforming organization to utilize user centric technology through applying agile  frameworks and practices. I am a mother, who is often balancing career and parenthood, while still holding on to dreams of being a rockstar. I keep my guitar next to my desk and take pride in jamming out to Disney tunes with my kids. Life is beautiful and the journey is enlightening. I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you.

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